Changing a narrative

I believe that examining narratives that have settled in over time is a good thing on many levels. What have you learned about changing narratives from your adult education experience?

Going through the Motions

I think Seth Godin nails it most of the time on his blog. So much so that some days I wonder if he's been following me around watching me slog through resistance (internal and external) to ship an instructional design product to a client. I saved one post from June 22, 2017 for just this... Continue Reading →

Baby Steps into AR, VR and AI

While statements like "it's an unavoidable part of our future" tend to pull for the "Oh yeah, how do you know?!" rebel/Luddite in me, the topic of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality is now firmly on my radar and I am motivated to learn more. Interested in starting the journey with me?

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