Baby Steps into AR, VR and AI

A participant in one of my workshops earlier this month described her challenges integrating VR and AR into training for Navy personnel, and looked to me for tried-and-true design principles from my experience with in-person and online learning. That got me thinking about how much (or little!) I know about Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence. What do those terms really mean? How are AR, VR and AI already impacting me and the field of learning solutions design? How can I find out more?

What’s the buzz?

At a recent Association for Talent Development Puget Sound Chapter event, keynote speaker Myra Travin asserted that learning about Artificial Intelligence is not only the next frontier for adult educators and instructional designers, but a basic vocabulary is required learning now in order to stay current and in the flow of the newest technologies.

A Learning Solutions article issued this month about VR and AR in eLearning describes some practical applications that are possible now and posits that “AR and VR are coming. They are an unavoidable part of our future.”

Suggested baby steps

While statements like “it’s an unavoidable part of our future” tend to pull for the “Oh yeah, how do you know?!” rebel/Luddite in me, the topic of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality is now firmly on my radar and I am motivated to learn more.

Interested in starting the journey with me? Here are a few suggested baby steps, starting with the most immediately applicable for adult educators:

  1. Browse the July, 2017 issue of Science magazine, especially the “AI Glossary” insert compiled by Matthew Hutson. I happened upon the magazine in a waiting room and snapped this pic of the glossary, because I am a learning machine!

AI Glossary from Science2. Read theĀ Learning Solutions article mentioned above, which distinguishes between VR and AR and lists a few sample practical applications of each

3. Watch Maurice Conti’s TEDx talk The Future of Human Augmentation

What else? What other sources and resources do you suggest?



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