Learn-a-Palooza Tip #3: Inspiration is All Around Us

Our third and final post of tips gleaned from the Learn-a-Palooza event hosted by the Puget Sound Chapter of ATD (Association for Talent Development) on May 19, 2017.

Brian Washburn is a rock star. I’ve followed his blog, Train Like a Champion, for some time now and I have recommended it as a resource at every “Accidental Trainer” class I teach for Clarified Concepts. I recommend Brian’s site because it’s approachable, varied and concise, which fits the bill superbly for the accidental trainer audience of subject matter experts who have been tapped to step into the role of trainer.

So imagine my delight when I discovered that Brian was offering a mini-session at Learn-a-Palooza! His session was organized around the premise that inspiration for instructional design is all around us. He cited sources of inspiration ranging from potty training, lava fields and the game of cricket to avocado seeds and board games.

In one example, he recommended playing 80’s music during a break and then opening afterwards by asking, “How does this song relate to what we’re talking about here?”

Another key tip is to write down ideas that come to you during the day, to connect to later. Who knows what seemingly random idea could turn into your next stellar small group activity, workshop title, or out-of-this-world blog post?

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